Hi ! I am Sachin, a self trained artist, who started as a hobbyist dabbling in Oils and Charcoals until discovering the panache of watercolors . Landscapes allure me and in my minds’ eye I am always chasing the light , the interplay of which on structures I try to translate on my paper/Canvas.

My journey stared from the walls of my house where as a kid I would sketch freely, to the amusement and encouragement of my biggest support, my mother. I grew up in a family which loved doing art and imbibed the fondness for impressionism from the environment of my home and the mystique of Prayag, the place where I underwent schooling and grew up. . I was mesmerised by everything beautiful in nature and wanted to put it down on canvas .

As a kid I mainly did pencil sketches from miniature to large ones. Around mid school I joined an art class to learn Oils and continued to work I that medium till college happened.

Then life took over, studies, academic career, work !

After a hiatus of 17 years , despite a hectic professional schedule , the love for art pulled me back and I started oils again. And then one day, 7 years back, I put my hand to watercolours and it’s been a love affair since. The watercolors took to me and I was mesmerised by this medium. I am intrigued the way watercolors respond, predictable and yet unpredictable.

I try and capture the feel of the places I paint, working in an impressionist style. I aim to engage the audience, let them absorb the essence of the vista and let their perception of my work fill the details omitted by me. I let my watercolors flow !. These kind of impressionist depictions brings me immense joy. I love to travel through my paintings, creating artworks of the cities I’ve visited and also of the places I wish to travel to. I am mainly drawn towards architecture and waterbodies and that is honestly, passionately reflected in my architectural landscapes ans streetscapes !!

I have attended and participated in watercolor workshops , observing and learning from international masters... I am inspired by great masters ChIen Chung Wei, Amit Kapoor, Alvaro Catagnet , Joseph Zbukvic and constantly keep learning from their artworks . Under the pseudonym “Ashumali”, I also work in Oils and Charcoals.

Along with being a passionate painter , I am an ardent marathoner , a cyclist, a guitarist, a cook and a dental surgeon !